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Next Meeting of the Board of Directors
November 4,  2017 - Richmond - Holiday Inn Richmond

All MSABC members may attend and watch the proceedings. If a member wishes to raise a specific issue, please send an email to the Secretary so it can be added to the Agenda.

Board of Directors
President John Bell Presides at all meetings, CEO, supervisor, signing authority, liaison, prepares agendas
Vice President John McManus Assists the President, acts in his/her absence and as signing authority, performs duties as instructed by the Board
Secretary John Holwood Issues notice of meeting, keeps minutes and custody of all records, filings, distributes minutes, records manual, and general liaison
Treasurer Peter Heusel Manages the funds of the Society, pays authorized invoices, signing authority, coordinates with the Auditor, prepares annual budgets and financial reports as required
Registrar Bryan Iliscupidez Registers members and clubs, processes memberships, collects membership fees, maintains current mailing addresses, provides registration list, mails information to new clubs
Michael DiPietro Responsible for Communication between the Board and the members
Director Dale Robinson Duties as directed by the Board
Director Dale Freeman Duties as directed by the Board
Director Glen Mehus Duties as directed by the Board

Non-Board Members
Records Julie Jones Maintains MSABC record database
Meet Sanctioning Leon Politano Sanctions MSABC meets
Conflict Resolution Committee Brent Hobbs Assists in conflict resolution between members
Club Assistant Contact Kristin MacColl Works with Meet Managers to set up Club Assistant for Online Registration

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