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The information provided below is a guideline for both MSABC Club Registrars and individual members in order to assist in registration requirements, whether they be renewals or new members.

Registration year:
Club and member registrations are valid September 1-August 31.

The Member Fee to join MSABC is $45. There is no fee for a club to register with MSABC.

Club Registrations:
In most cases, members register with MSABC through their local Masters Club. There are over 30 registered Clubs with 1500 swimmers in MSABC to choose from. A list of Clubs is provided on our website.

In order to join a Club within your area, please contact the Club’s Point of Contact and inform them that you would like to join. If you need any information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the MSABC Registrar.

Club Registrars:
In early September, MSABC’s registration provider will initiate the re-registration process. They will register all their swimmers through Swim BC. Once Club Registrars login, they will be able to commence their registrations.

Clubs are to administer and maintain a copy of all their swimmer’s application/waiver forms.

Individual Swimmers:
It is understood that in some cases, members might wish to register without a Club affiliation. These members will be assigned to the Dogwood Masters Swim Club which was a club created to accommodate MSABC's unattached swimmers as, per FINA Master Rules. For results to be recognized by FINA, you must swim representing a club. Please complete the registration application and waiver to register and mail to the Registrar at the address below.

Starting up a Club:
Every year, there are a few new Clubs that start up within MSABC. They are most welcome to join and their Club and Staff will have access to all MSABC privileges and coverage. A comprehensive information package on starting up a Masters Club is available on our website.

All fees are to be forwarded to the MSABC Registrar (address identified on our website). Cheques are to be payable to MSABC and must match the number of swimmers as identified on the Invoice from the Registration system Invoice(s).

Registration Letters:
Any member swimming out of the country can request a “proof of registration” letter. This is a requirement for most International Meets, including USMS meets.

MSABC Insurance Policy:
All members in a MSABC Club must be registered MSABC members; registered unattached swimmers are permitted in MSABC. Only members of the Club or other registered members of MSABC or FINA affiliates may participate in training programs or camps of that Club. Insurance coverage is provided to these individuals through a yearly payment per registered member by MSABC to SwimBC.

Retired members of Clubs may participate in social activities of the Club but insurance coverage is not provided. Guests may be invited to Social events of the Club but insurance coverage is not provided. Additional coverage special event coverage is available through application forms available from SwimBC.

There presently is no MSABC Coach Assessment fee by SwimBC; therefore Clubs should register their Coaches as Swimmers for insurance coverage. No Coach can coach or attend swim sessions of a MSABC club without being registered for insurance through MSABC or SwimBC. Any coach not covered by insurance will put the Club and SwimBC at risk, with serious consequences.

MSABC clubs renting time and lanes from Aquatic facilities must ensure all their swimmers and coaches are registered with MSABC, or be a visiting MSC/FINA affiliate registered swimmer. No unregistered swimmers are permitted.

In the case of a new swimmer under the "MSABC new member" trial, the club must ensure the new "trial" swimmer fills out a MSABC waiver form prior to joining in with a club's swim practice. Trial period is not to exceed two weeks.

Any Club operating a swim meet or swim camp must ensure all participants are MSABC members or FINA affiliates.

Any Club participating at a Swim Meet must ensure all their members are registered members. No coaches are permitted on deck or perceived to be coaching if they are not registered members with MSABC or FINA affiliate.

Club/Individual membership inquiries, proof of registration letters or any question can be forwarded to the MSABC Registrar:

Please fill out this form and send with cheque to the registrar:
Bryan Iliscupidez
MSABC Registrar
Bayview Apartments
1550 Duchess Ave, Suite 811
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1P5



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